Games Scheduler Job Opening - Important Position

Games Scheduler Job Opening - Important Position

Important BASC Position Available!

 Games Scheduler Job

BASC has received many responses about this important position in our club, so we have modified the job description to include more detail. Based on economic conditions and in fairness to all, the budgeted maximum bid amount for this position is included in the job description.  Please be aware that the bid amount is not the full criteria for the applicant who is awarded this position.

BA Soccer Club will be re-posting this scheduler position and accepting applications and bids up to the maximum of $5000 per year until Friday, March 26th. 

Click Here for the application. Click Here for the job description and to place your bid.

Bids will be taken for this contract labor position through March 26, 2021

Interviews for accepted applications will be held Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

Bid and application should be sent via one of the following methods: 

Questions? or 918.258.5770 call or text.