April 15th update


Updated on April 15th


Dear members,


I hope your family and friends are healthy and safe in this challenging time. In late March, Oklahoma enacted a safer at home policy through April 30th. As we near that date there is talk that the government wants to restart the economy in a safe and healthy manner. While we do not know what that will look like, we are taking steps to ensure the club is prepared. This letter will discuss our multiple leagues and how we are looking to proceed.


Regarding the BASC Closed League and Kickstart (all games and sessions are at ISSC complex), the Executive Board is studying alternatives to the normal look of the season in case a different approach makes more sense for our members. These alternatives include compacting the schedule, creating festival weekends to play 2 to 3 games, double-header days and several other formats. We are evaluating ways to allow for several free weekends each month so you may plan your vacations accordingly. Once a timeframe to reopen the economy is created, the club will need two weeks to prepare before games begin. To establish a deadline, we are targeting a May 15th decision regarding moving forward with our Closed League season or terminating the season. I know many of you are concerned about the season, but at this time it is premature to request a refund. 


Regarding the OSA Open League and OSA Open Premier League (traveling league and competitive league), this decision will be determined by Oklahoma Soccer Association. They placed a tentative date of May 2nd to resume games, but that could change based on many factors. OSA is reviewing state and local guidance to ensure complexes will be open and available for games. They will continue to send updates as we approach the end of April.


This is the second large challenge the club has faced during my tenure as your president. At times during the flood and during this pandemic, there looked like there was no clear path forward. The one thing I know is that our community and club persevere through challenges like this and become stronger. Never lose sight on the better days ahead. We made it through our last challenge together, and with your resolve and hope, we will show that as a team we can make it through any challenge.


On behalf of the Executive Board, I wish you a quick return to your healthy and normal life, and to the game. In the meantime, check out the BASC Soccer Challenge. We’d love to see your player showcasing their soccer skills so they are ready when the season resumes.


Best regards,


Ben Newby


Broken Arrow Soccer Club