Secondary Player

Secondary Player

As part of OSA's effort to facilitate player development, Secondary Rosters allow for a player to be rostered on a second team from the same club. The addition of a player to team's secondary roster is good through the completion of the season for which it is applied. This allows a player to continue to play for their primary team while gaining more playing time and experience as a secondary player for a higher level team.  

The Maximum number of Seconday players, CPP, or a combination of the two that can be added to a primary roster for any age group is below:

  • U9-U10: 2 CPP/Secondary Players
  • U9-U10:  2 CPP/Secondary Players
  • U11-U12:  2 CPP/Secondary Players
  • U13-U4:  3 CPP/Secondary Players
  • U15-U19:  4 CPP/Secondary Players

Secondary Rosters are for regular league play only - not for tournament play (see Guest Players) and is for the season. Once a player is listed as a Secondary Player they cannot be removed until the end of the season unless they are also removed from their primary team. Players cannot miss their primary team's game in order to play as a Secondary Roster player for another team. Available for all U9 and older players and teams. All players must have a Player Pass issued by the club.

Please carefully review this policy before considering adding a secondary player to your roster.

Secondary Applications must be submitted no later than Wednesday at noon (12pm) in order for the approval process and changes to the official roster and player passes to be in effect for the following weekends game. Secondary applications which are submitted after Wednesday at noon (12pm) will be made during business hours the follwoing week. Secondary player requests have multiple approval levels in addition to the administrative side of this process. The BASC office shall have 3 business days from receipt of the correctly submitted application to notify applicants of the status of approval or denial of the application.

Secondary applications submitted prior to the beginning of the spring or fall season will be added after official rosters are finalized and frozen to team accounts. Denials may be appealed to the BASC Executive Board. Guest Player Policy is that of OSA and is only applicable for tournament and friendly games. 

Coaches should follow up with the office to ensure the application is received and processed.


For complete details please review the BASC Secondary Roster Program Policy.

Click to view/download: BASC Secondary Player Policy ~ Rev. 2019