CPP Policy & Form

Clubwide Player Pass

A Clubwide Player Pass (CPP) system allows for more realistic and fluid movement of players between teams and levels of play. This fluid movement allows the player to be challenged at the appropriate level based on their current level of development. This movement can help reduce the ‘win at all cost’ team first attitude and put the focus of player development back on the individual player. CPP should never be used to improve a team’s standing in league play and should not typically be used to make sure a team has enough players for a game.


The Maximum numbers of CPP players that can be added to a primary roster for any age group are below:

  • U9-U10:  2 CPP Players
  • U11-U12:  2 CPP Players
  • U13-U4:  3 CPP Players
  • U15-U19:  4 CPP Players


CPP is for regular league play only - not for tournament play (see Guest Players) and is used for an individual match only. Players cannot miss their primary team's game in order to CPP for another team. CPP is available for all U9 and older players and teams. All players must have a Player Pass issued by the club.


For complete details please review the BASC CPP Program Policy.

Click to view/download: BASC CPP Policy & Form ~ Rev. 2019


Please carefully review this policy before considering adding a CPP player to your roster. During the spring & fall season, the BASC office shall have 3 business days from receipt of correctly filled out application to notify applicant of the status of approval or denial of application. CPP player requests have multiple approval levels in addition to the administrative side of this process. CPP applications submitted prior to the beginning of the spring or fall season will be added after official rosters are finalized and frozen to team accounts.

CPP applications must be sent to the BASC office no later than Wednesday at noon (12 PM) in order for the approval process and changes to the official roster and player passes to be in effect for the following weekends game. CPP applications which are sent to the BASC office after Wednesday at noon (12 PM) will be processed during business hours the following week. 


Completed application forms are to be emailed to: info@bascok.com or delivered to the BASC office during regular business hours. Coaches should follow up with the office to ensure the application is received and processed.