ISSC Improvements Continue

BASC works to improve facilities at ISSC and practice fields...

This year BASC has moved forward on several projects to improve the facilities at ISSC and our practice fields.  The projects approved by the general membership have been designed to thoughtfully utilize club funds on improvements which will benefit our players, coaches, parents and referees.

The below list details the projects and their status:

  • BASC HQ Building at ISSC Renovation (old concession building) is ongoing and includes renovation of the old concession building providing usable space for referees and tournament staff at the complex. Internal renovations are nearly complete and roof repairs, south roof extension and window replacement/security shutter installation will be done this fall.
  • Player Benches have been installed on all the large fields on the west side of the complex. Plans to complete the same on the east side will be incorporated into the 2014 budget.
  • Complex Signs have been installed at the entrances to the east and west side as well as on the south side of the HQ building.  Additionally, small signs have been added to the fence lines on the east side.
  • Gravel road improvements at Core Church and ISSC have been made to improve parking access and capacity.  Future expansion of parking areas on the east of ISSC are also planned.
  • Quick Goal Net conversions kits have been installed on the east side.  The conversion kits allow the use of quick goal clips and nets on the goals which will greatly reduce wear and tear from grass cutting which will extend net life greatly.
  • Utility Vehicle for ISSC is being aquired for staff and referee use making referee transport to the west side safer and faster as well as providing for staff use during tournaments and regular maintenance activities.
  • New website (as you can see) is up and running.  Continual improvements are now possible via direct access by BASC staff allowing immediate updates and revisions to be posted as well as incorporating new features.  More info will be forthcoming regarding the websites new capabilties as well as new communication options for members.
  • The Board hopes that our membership sees the value in the improvements and welcomes comments, suggests and requests for future projects!