Live Field Status Page

Please check the announcements below for updates on current playing conditions. In the event of a weather related delay BASC may post live updates here - if no posts are made here please refer to the referee or BASC staff at the HQ Building.

Current Status of ISSC Fields:
Complex is OPEN


Note: On weekdays fields will be evaluated and closures posted around 4PM
During suspension of play for lightning ALL persons must return to their vehicles until the all clear signal of three air horn blasts are made or you are notified by your official game referee that play may resume.  The lighting detection system will check conditions every 10 minutes and will maintain a strobe light during alerts when conditions are right  for a lightning strike.
Check the following link for full details regarding BASC Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures: Inclement Weather Policy
Please Remember The Soccer Goal Safety Warning! Never allow anyone to climb on or hang on soccer goals or nets. Goals can fall over causing serious injury or death.