ISSC Facility Rental and Payment Information

ISSC Facility Rental and Payment Information


ISSC Field Rental by Non-BASC Team - 3rd Party Field Rental


Games/Events*: Use of soccer fields is restricted to league games, tournament games, scrimmages, or special training sessions only. Usage for practice fields is not allowed.

Scrimmages and/or games must be officiated by at least one uniformed, registered USSF referee with participation by organized teams registered to a club or school having an affiliation with OSSAA, USSF, USYS, US Club or other recognized sanctioning body. This is to ensure compliance with recognized rules of play, the City of Broken Arrow Recreation Criminal Background Check Policy for Youth Sports Managers and/or Coaches, insurance coverage and the general safety of participants.  

* 3rd party rentals are for 5 or more league games, scrimmages or special training sessions - or -  for tournaments utilizing 20 or more fields with multiple games on each field per day of rental. Requests that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.



Application: Completely filled out agreement & required documentation for rental is due no later than 21 days from the event. 

ISSC 3rd party field rental agreement application

Email completed app & documents to within 21 days of the requested event.

Fees: $45/field per time slot for BA residents, $65/field per time slot for non-BA residents.

Payments: Payment will be due after ALL required paperwork has been submitted and approved. You will receive an email from BASC regarding whether your rental has been approved or not.  If the rental is approved, payment is due no later than 14 days from the event.

Processing Time: 21 days from the submitted application (as long as all documentation and payments have been submitted and approved.) 

Questions: Email -

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Soccer Goal Safety Warning! Never climb on or hang on soccer goals or nets. Goals can fall over causing serious injury or death.