2009 Girls Coaches

2009 Girls Coaches

2009 Girls

Coach: Ben Newby
2009 Angels with Attitude +


Coaching Experience
Coach Newby has been coaching at BASC since August 2016 with both recreational and competitive teams. He has had up to four teams at a time during some seasons. Newby has earned the following coaching licenses: United Soccer Coaches Diploma - Teaching Technique from Activities to the Game, National E, National F, and Introduction to Grassroots Coaching. 


Newby has volunteered endless hours in the following positions on the BASC Executive Board: 2nd VP - 
June 2017-May 2018, 1st VP - June 2018-May 2019, President - June 2019-May 2020. In addition to BASC, Newby has volunteered as the Parking Team Leader at Life Church since 2016.

Soccer Experience
Coach Newby played youth soccer from 1987 - 1991.


Team Championships
Coach Newby's 09 girls team won the 2018 BASC Tornado Alley Spring Classic. 


Coaching Philosophy
Newby's coaching philosophy is based on providing an environment that allows players to have fun while developing their playing skills, communication skills and teamwork capabilities. This environment exists at both practices and games.

This philosoply is built on positive affirmation and support from players, coaches, and parents. To achieve this, parents must not offer instruction from the sideline during practices or games. Parents, coaches, and players must not talk negatively about the games, player performance, other players, coaches, or parents. During games, parents are encouraged to remain quiet during play, but encouraged to celebrate with the team after great plays, goals, and games regardless of the final outcome.

While it is natural that players, coaches, and parents all want to win games, Newby's emphasis is to push each payer to develop and master the skills, technique, and tactics that will allow them to be successful on the field and in everyday life. Players are encouraged to communicate, which will allow their leadership skills to develop on the field.  


Fun Fact
Coach Newby can catch a donut thrown from a moving vehicle in perfect goal keeper form.