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Broken Arrow Soccer Club, a volunteer driven organization proudly serving the Broken Arrow and surrounding communities for over 45 years, is pleased to announce that they will begin offering Competitive Soccer programming in the fall of 2020! Broken Arrow soccer club has a rich history of Competitive teams dating back for more than 40 years. With this announcement, the Club is renewing its commitment to provide a full spectrum of programming for all players and families providing a more comprehensive pathway for recreational, academy, and traditional Competitive soccer.

What makes Broken Arrow Express different?

BA Express represents a multi-faceted approach to providing Competitive soccer programming rather than a one-size-fits all model that is revenue driven. Multiple avenues exist for players, coaches, and existing or new teams to leverage in order to attain the level of play, competition, or training they desire. There is more to choose from than a tryout and a single team placement event.

BA Express eschews the traditional player selection and team placement model and instead employs an identification and selection process that better serves the needs of the individual player. Traditional tryout/team placement events will create the player pool for the construction of the Classic and Premier teams in each age group. Players who are not selected for team placement at the tryout/team placement event will receive individual evaluation, training objectives, and special training opportunities in order to get them to where they want to be.

BA Express invests in coaches. Coaching talent demands a premium and BA Express is committed to identifying and selecting the right coaching talent to meet the needs of our players. BA Express has a comprehensive compensation and education package that clearly demonstrates the commitment to developing coaches for their success -- both current and future.

BA Express is committed to ensuring that quality programming is attainable for all players and their families. In addition to providing multiple avenues for participating in Competitive programming, BA Express is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to offer comprehensive and quality programming at a fraction of the cost of other organizations.

BA Express will enjoy Indian Spring Sports Complex as its home facility. Indian Springs, due to tremendous support from the City of Broken Arrow, is a premier soccer complex in the state of Oklahoma. Training and home matches will be held at Indian Springs for BA Express teams.

More info will be shared when the time is right! In the meantime, if you are a coach of a team looking to make a change, please reach out to!

Stay safe!