BASC Team Development Training Program

BASC offers our teams the opportunity to participate in a new and unique team training program.  In addition to traditional training sessions the program is designed to work directly with individual teams and coaches to provide future training guidance with player/coach development analysis and feedback directly to the coach.  The program will be administered by TSC Hurricane Coaches Matt Howe and Jesse Williams.

The program consists of six 90 minute training sessions for a total of 9 hours of on field training.  The sessions will be held at ISSC and will be scheduled in coordination with the team’s coach.  Each team will be trained by U.S.S.F. nationally licensed coaches. A Club Coach log, detailing what topics were covered that session and what topics are needed in the future, will be maintained for team.  As training progresses the sessions and will be tailored to the specific needs of the team and individual players.

The program also includes a Coach Development segment where a qualified Club Coach will evaluate the team’s playing ability by observing a game, scrimmage, or tournament event. The Club Coach will present his analysis to the team’s coach at games end. The Club Coach will also present the coach with some ideas on future training topics. This will also be included in the Club Coach log for that particular team. So the next Club Coach will have an idea of what training needs that team requires. Also, in the days before a team’s training session, the Club Coach will dialogue with the coach on areas of concern or suggestions they might have on training topics. This will be done through either email or telephone.

The cost for the program, including the six training sessions at ISSC, is $375 per team.  For more information please contact the BASC office.