Concussion Awareness & Coach Course/Test

Concussion Training

Now Manditory for All Coaches, Assistant Coaches & Managers.



All Coaches, Assistant Coaches & Managers must be CDC certified by the end of February or they will be removed from their team account.


Get Prepared! Mandatory Concussion Course/Testing:  

To take the concussion course and test:

  1. Log into your GotSoccer coach account and click on Concussion Center in the black navigation bar above your name.  Click here to go to your GotSoccer Coach login page 
  2. Click on the 'Center for Disease Control (CDC) Heads Up Concussion Test' - Go To Courses Page link.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the course and receive your certificate.

Concussion Awareness for Coaches:

Please check these important resources regarding the coaches role in the awareness of player concussions. This will include a fact sheet and an action plan. Click this link for the resources:

Additional Resources:

Concussion Awareness for Parents

HEADS UP to youth sports for parents. Click Here for Parent Concussion Awareness

Baseline Testing FAQ

Additional Resources: