CDC Concussion Training

Mandatory CDC Concussion Training

Mandatory Concussion Course/Testing - Due Now:

Effective immediately, all BASC Coaches must take this mandatory concussion course & test. Senate Bill 1164 was signed into a law in June 2016, which relates to sports-related injuries and concussion training. Oklahoma Soccer Association has made it mandatory to take this class/test. Coaches will be removed from their team account on if this has not been completed.

**To take the concussion course and test, make sure you log into your GotSoccer coach account and click on 'Concussion Center' in the black navigation bar above your name. Click on the 'Center for Disease Control (CDC) Heads Up Concussion Test' - Go To Courses Page link. Follow the instructions to complete the course and receive your certificate. Please complete this course immediately, this is due before your first practice takes place.

See picture examples on page 1 and page 2.