Can I Restrict Playing Time For A Player?


It is the policy of the Broken Arrow Soccer Club that each player on a recreational team has the right to play at least one half of every game in which the team participates. It is the responsibility of each coach to strictly enforce this policy. However, it is recognized that there may be rare instances in which it may be necessary to deviate from this policy.

BASC rules permit a coach to deny completely the player's right to play in one game; provided that the coach will have had an established written policy setting forth disciplinary standards which differentiate between discipline for failure to practice and discipline for unsportsmanlike or violent conduct, such policy to have been published to the players, and approved by the Home Club, prior to the commencement of the season.

The BASC Executive Board has adopted the following standards for application of this rule.

This memorandum shall be published to all players before the season begins.

1. A coach may not restrict playing time of a player for attendance at school or church functions.

2. A coach may restrict playing time to a single quarter for one game for repeated unexcused absences if such restriction is noted on the game form and the player and parents are notified in advance. In order to document such absences, it is recommended that each coach note attendance at practices and be able to provide specific information as to number and dates of practices missed.

3. A coach may deny for one game a players right to play for violent or unsportsmanlike conduct at practice if such restriction is noted on the game form and the player and parents are notified in advance.

4. In any situation where the coach believes it is necessary to invoke either or both of these penalties to the same player more than once in a single, the approval of the BASC Head Coach must be obtained in advance.

5. It is the intent of the BASC Executive Board that this policy be uniformly applied to all players on a team. A coach should not apply different standards of conduct to different players.