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BASC Referee Info



Please respect our referees during your game. Please know that most of our refs are moms & dads and sons & daughters that are members of and play in our club! Yelling at the referee during your game never helps the situation. Sometimes it can mean the coach being dismissed from the game, as the coach is responsible for his/her sidelines. Sideline Rules for Coaches & Parents

If you have a question about a referee during your game, please contact the BASC Referee Assignor, Mike Naumann or the BASC Area Referee They can usually be found at the BASC Headquarters building next to the concession stand every Saturday & Sunday.

For BASC coaches who have scheduled a scrimmage and need to find a referee.

Coach, please contact the BASC Referee Assignor for information on BASC referees who may be able to referee your scrimmage.

Mike Naumann, BASC Referee Assignor: