Red Card



In accordance with OSA rules any person (Player or Coach) receiving a “SEND OFF” (Red Card), must sit out the next sanctioned match. This also applies to: 2nd yellow card (SEND OFF) in one game, accumulation of 3 yellow cards in one season (fall/spring), additional suspension given or DPS.


A Sit Out Form must be filled out!

Sit Out Form  

SIT OUT FORM INSTRUCTIONS: This form must be completed and sent to OSA. Actions will be taken against any team that allows an ineligible player or coach to participate in a league game. For example, see ORL Policies, Section III: F. A team that allows a non-rostered player, or a player or coach serving a suspension, to participate shall forfeit the game if won. If the game is lost, the first victory thereafter shall be forfeited. The coach will also face a disciplinary hearing on the matter.

If you have a coach and/or player that incurs additional disciplinary actions, the team must make sure to abide by all league determinations and requirements. Additional sit-outs and verification forms may be required.