Recruiting Policy for Rec Select Coaches



BASC Standing Resolutions regarding recruiting players can be found HERE or read below.


7. Recruitment

a. Recruitment, or recruiting, is defined as any action initiated by a “Team Official” (coach, assistant coach, team manager, trainer or person representing a team or Club) who seeks to enlist the services of a player.

b. Illegal recruitment is defined as the employment of any prohibited practice by a Team Official. These prohibited practices includes:

i. Offering any inducement of material or monetary value to a player or player’s family.

ii. Initiating contact with or interfering with any player or player’s family currently registered with and affiliated with an existing team following the expiration of the normal registration period for the upcoming season and subsequently at any time during the active season.

iii. Allowing or promoting the use of a competitive Club logo or name by teams other than properly registered competitive Club teams. This includes coaches who represent themselves as Academy/Junior Development coaches when not listed by the club as such.

c. Illegal recruitment does not include the following permitted practices:

i. Contact with a player or player’s parents or legal guardians during the offseason when no sanctioned league or tournament games are being played.

ii. Contact with a player for the limited purpose of participating as a guest player for any USYS sanctioned tournament with prior notice to the player’s coach.

iii. Contact initiated by the player, player’s parents or legal guardians.

iv. Advertising or public relations of a general, indirect nature.

v. Non-sanctioned soccer activities, including indoor soccer teams or formation and coaching of special tournament teams (i.e., 3v3, etc.).

vi. Club sponsored soccer training sessions, open to players without geographic restriction, provided that a copy of the clinic particulars shall be delivered to the BASC office at least five days prior to the event.

d. Illegal recruitment or the employment of any prohibited practice may result in a Team Official being suspended from all BASC soccer activities for a period as determined by the BASC Games and Disciplinary Committee or Commission if so authorized. Complainant will file a complaint with BASC, who shall render a decision. Either party may appeal that decision.

e. Any decision of the BASC Games and Disciplinary Committee or Appeals Committee shall be in writing.