Printing Game Cards


To access your game cards for each game, log into your TEAM account and look for the LEAGUE you are currently playing in for this season. Click the “VIEW” link in the Schedule column.

Next, click the pdf link to the left of the scheduled game date/time.

You should see a miniature roster of both teams that are scheduled to play each other, print this and bring it to your game. Referee’s sign at the bottom of the game card. The winning team, or in the event of a tie – the home team, will take both teams game cards and enter the scores on GAME DAY. Keep game cards until 30 days after the season is over. There are several ways to enter your scores after your game…

CALL IN game scores by dialing the number on your game card, press 1 to update then enter the Event ID and press #. Next, it will ask for the PIN listed then press #. Enter the game number and press #. Enter scores following all instructions.

SCAN CODE using your smart phone is another way to enter scores. Use your bar code reader on your phone to scan the QR code or bar code on your game card, this should take you directly to the game to enter your scores.