Soccer Game Cards

What Are Game Cards & Why Do I Need Them For My Soccer Game?


Game Cards have the date, time, field number and a miniature roster for your team and the team you will play against each week.

Game cards need to be printed each & every week and brought to every game. After each game, both the home coach & away coach must check the score on both coaches’ game cards, agree to the score, then sign the bottom of both game cards. If there is a referee on your game, the ref will sign as well.

Need to know how to print your game cards? Please see the link: How To Print Game Cards

BASC Closed League, OSA Open Rec & OSA Rec Plus Game Cards:

1) Immediately after your game, please use the new "Call In" feature or “Scan Code” to record your game scores. The number at the top of your game card has the phone number, event ID and game number. This will ensure that your game scores are in the system immediately after the game.

2) Please keep your game cards until 30 days after the end of the season in case there are any questions regarding scores.

Question about your score?

BASC Closed League: Games Commissioner:

Open and Rec Plus League: David Moore –