Pre-Game List

BASC Corner Flags For League Games



Before each U9 thru U19 league game at ISSC, the “Home Team/Coach” is responsible for putting up corner flags at your field.


Corner Flag Location at Complex:

East side - Small shed by field 13. Shed code is: 142

West side - At the back of the concession stand, at the north end. Shed code is: 142


The corner flags are organized and put together in the shed to make for easy retrieval before your game.

If you are the last game of the day or there is not another team getting ready to take the field when your team is leaving, please make sure to pick up the corner flags and take them back to the shed.


U6, U7 & U8 games do not require flags. U9 thru U19 require corner flags for every game.


The shed is organized and taken care of by a BASC volunteer, please help keep it orderly.