Field Usage Policy

BASC Non-Game Field Usage Policy

Use of fields at the Indian Springs Sports Complex for non-game activities as contracted through BASC is governed by the Standing Resolutions of BASC (Section XVI as attached). 
The following summarizes the process and requirements of scheduling non­game field usage with BASC for training purposes: 

•    Teams are permitted (2) field uses per calendar month.
•    Permitted uses include scrimmages and special training sessions.
o    All scrimmages are to include no more than two teams and are required to utilize a referee as specified below.
o    All special training sessions are to include no more than two teams and are required to utilize a guest coach as specified below.
o    Requests for other use must be submitted to the BASC Executive Board in writing and will be considered on a case by case basis.
•    Field scheduling with the BASC Games Commissioner is made exclusively online via the Field Request Form on the BASC website.
•    Payment for field usage and administrative fees are made via the Field Usage Payment Form on the BASC Website located under the Fields & Scrimmages tab or in cash at the BASC office
(checks are not accepted).
o    Field usage will not be scheduled until payment is received and confirmed to the Games Commissioner.
o    Field usage fee is $15 plus an administrative fee of $10, per use.
•    Following confirmation of payment and scheduling by the Games Commissioner a confirming email will be sent to the email address provided on the scheduling form.


 •    Scrimmages count as one field use for each team involved.
•    Team(s) are responsible to schedule the required referee for scrimmages:
o    Referees must be a USSF licensed referee and shall be in uniform.
•    Assistant referees may be employed but are not required.
o    Referees shall be scheduled by the team(s) through direct contact with a suitable referee or through the BASC Referee Assignor (as listed on the BASC website).
o    Payment to the referee(s) shall be made prior to commencement of activities at an agreed upon rate for the scrimmage.
•    Payment is recommended to be comparable to the rates paid for normal game play as expressed in Section XV of the BASC Standing Resolutions.
•    Scrimmages shall be conducted as a "friendly game" with participation by players listed on the team(s) official roster only.
•    Teams may not take the field for activity (other than warm up) without the physical presence of the required referee.
•    Warm up in the goal area(s) are not permitted. Sanctions may be applied to teams found to be allowing any activity in the penalty/goal areas prior to the game, during halftime or following a game.
•    Scrimmages shall be conducted under the control of the referee in a manner consistent with normal game play for the appropriate age group and competitive level; or as agreed upon in advance by all parties.
•    Teams shall leave the field following the conclusion of the scrimmage; no additional training or other activity shall follow.
•    In the event a scheduled referee fails to appear for a scrimmage the following shall take place:
􀀄    If the referee was scheduled through the BASC Referee Assignor: the team(s) shall contact the Referee Assignor or BASC Area Referee for a replacement. If a timely replacement is not available the BASC Area Referee or the BASC Referee Assignor may authorize the two teams to conduct a special training session with each coach instructing the opposing team - No other person(s) may authorize the teams to transition to a special training session. If such authorization is not obtained the scrimmage must be cancelled and no team may take the field for any purpose. 

􀀃    If the referee was not scheduled through the BASC Referee Assignor: a replacement referee may be sought by the team(s) and may fill in for the absent referee. If a replacement referee is not available the scrimmage must be cancelled and no team may take the field for any purpose.
o    In no case shall a scrimmage commence without the required referee.

Special Training Sessions 

•    Special Training sessions count as one use for each team involved and shall be of duration comparable to the normal game playing time of the team(s) age group.
•    Teams are responsible to schedule a guest coach for special training sessions.
•    Guest coaches are recommended to be a coach holding a "D" license or higher and shall not be part of the coaching staff for the team( s ).
•    The guest coach shall conduct the entire training session.
•    Teams may not take the field for activity, other than warm ups, without the physical presence of the guest coach.
•    In the event a scheduled guest coach fails to appear the training session shall be cancelled and no team may take the field for any purpose.

Sanctions for Non-Compliance 

•    Teams taking the field without an approved schedule, completed payment or without a licensed/uniformed referee or appropriate guest coach, or allowing non-game activity in the penalty/goal area will be sanctioned by BASC.
•    Sanctions may include $75 fine and suspension of the team(s) privileges to schedule field usage until the fine is paid.


•    In the event the scheduled training activity is cancelled; the event may be rescheduled or a refund of the field usage fee and/or administrative fee may be made at the discretion of the Club.
o    Requests for reschedule must be received by the Games Commissioner 24 hours prior to the scheduled activity time and shall include a detailed reason for the request.
o    Requests for refund must be received by the BASC office in writing via delivery or email within 24 hours of the scheduled activity time and shall include a detailed reason for the request.

BASC Standing Resolution 

A.    All BASC recreational and competitive teams will be allowed to schedule a maximum of (2) two "formal scrimmages" and/or special training sessions per month at the Indian Springs Soccer Complex with the BASC Games Commissioner. A field usage fee of $15 plus a $10 administrative fee, payable in advance to the BASC, will be charged per scrimmage and/or special training session. Scheduled games and make up games will take precedence over scrimmages and/or special training sessions.
B.    A "formal scrimmage" is defined as being a game with at least one registered, paid, referee.
C.    All use of fields is dependent on the approval of the BASC Games Commissioner based on availability and conditions of the fields.

D.    Use of the game fields for any other purpose must be approved by a majority vote of the BASC Executive Board and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
E.    Teams may request special training sessions to be held on game fields, but it will count as one of their monthly scrimmage and must be approved by the BASC Games Commissioner.
F.    A "special training session" is defined as a team training under the direction of a "guest" coach.
G.    Any team found in violation of the scrimmage/training session standing resolution will be fined $75 per violation.
H.    Each BASC team using the fields will be charged for the month as one of their two uses per month.
(Example: If two BASC teams scrimmage each other they will BOTH be charged for using the field.)
I.    A committee shall be formed of no fewer than three people appointed by the BASC President, and the BASC 2nd VP, with the 2nd VP serving as the chairperson. This committee should not include any other BASC board members and the chairperson would only vote to break a tie. The purpose of this committee is to determine field condition status and declaration of closure of fields at ISSC. This committee shall convene in the event that weather conditions bring field conditions and/or player safety into consideration. This committee should work with the appropriate personnel from the City of Broken Arrow Parks and Recreation department in arriving at a decision of declaring any or all of the fields closed. The ruling from this committee shall apply to ALL BASC activities on the declared fields.