2021 Check-in Required Docs


To complete check-in you will need to have the 5 documents listed below available for the duration of the tournament. You do not have to submit them online or turn them in, you just need to have them available if requested. If you are asked to provide your official documents (listed below) and you cannot provide them within 10 minutes, the player/team in question will be subject to disqualification from the tournament.



At the tournament, you will need to have with you:

  1. Official Roster (Get instructions on where to find your official roster here)
    1. Jersey numbers must be added for all players (can be handwritten, no duplicate numbers)
    2. Secondary Players must be marked out (Secondary Players must be registered as Guest Players if they will be playing on your team. 
    3. Any player on your official roster that will not be playing in the tournament should be marked out.
  2. Guest Player Documents
    • Official Roster and/or Player Pass
    • Tournament Guest Player Form 
      • OSA Registered Team: Team Coach or Manager must fill out, submit and upload the completed form before a guest player can attend the tournament. 
      • If your team is not registered through OSA, please refer to your State Association for guest player requirements.
    • Direct registration with OSA (if required)  Guest Player Rules - #5
  3. Player Passes 
    1. 2020-2021 laminated player cards (U11 and older ONLY). USYSA or US Club cards are accepted. No exceptions. All teams must have 2020-2021 cards.  All cards for a team must be from the same sanctioning body for insurance purposes. All cards must be US Club Cards or all must be USYS cards. All teams will need to have a carded coach. 
  4. Medical Releases (USYS or US Club waivers are accepted.)
  5. Travel Documents (if required - for out of state teams only)


If you have any questions, email tournament@basoccer.club.