Special General Membership Meeting

Special General Membership Meeting


BASC Special General Membership Meeting Notice

The Broken Arrow Soccer Club will hold a virtual Special General Membership Meeting on Thursday, April 16th, 2020 at 7:00 PM. Members will meet virtually via a Microsoft Teams link which is available at the bottom of this page. Also, all members in attendance will be required to fill out a form during the meeting to confirm their affiliation and to vote. 

Purpose of the meeting is to present:


1. Proposed Bylaw change to Article III:  Members, add new Section 6

A. BASC General Membership is not extended to Competitive Division players, coaches, or parents/guardians associated with teams formed via tryouts or who transition from another Competitive Club to the BASC Competitive Division. Players, coaches, or parent/guardians of BASC Recreational teams who transition intact to the Competitive Division retain their Membership status pursuant to the applicable club guidance regarding Membership qualification.


2. Proposed Standing Resolution change to add new Section XII:  Competitive Division

A. The purpose of the BASC Competitive Division is to provide a higher level of competition for BASC players to aspire to and to provide support to each player who desires to achieve their utmost in soccer skills and experience, and to field the most competitive teams possible with the available eligible players. The Competitive Division is the competitive league of BASC.

1. All activities of players/teams of the BASC Competitive Division shall be governed by the BASC Competitive Division Official Rules and Policies as determined and set forth by the Executive Board.

A. These rules and policies may be amended at any time by the Board subject to further amendment as agreed upon by a majority vote of the membership present at any regular or special membership meeting.

1. The wishes of the membership shall always supersede those of the Executive Board in regard to these rules and policies.


This virtual meeting is open to all BASC members. 


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