May General Membership Meeting


General Membership Meeting Agenda

May 6, 2021 @ 7:30pm


Call to order


Review & approval of March 4, 2021, BASC General Membership Meeting minutes.

Officers Reports

Joey Hinkle, 1st Vice President

Kevin Lemaster, 2nd Vice President

Matt Yeager, 3rd Vice President

Ben Newby, Registrar

Ryan Egan, Games Commissioner

Rick Heineman, Head Coach,

Randy Hubbard, Interim Area Referee

Marcial Carrillo, Treasurer

Hayley Wheeler, Secretary

Jason Dobbins, President


Old Business


New Business

  • Per the BASC bylaws, the following candidates’ names were submitted 10 days prior to the general membership meeting.
  • Election of BASC 1st Vice President
  • Election of BASC 2nd Vice President
  • Election of BASC Area Referee
  • Form a nominating committee for the September elections of the following board positions: 
    • BASC Secretary
    • BASC 3rd Vice President