General Membership Meeting Header

General Membership Meeting Header

General Membership Meeting Agenda


General Membership Meeting Agenda

September 3, 2020 @ 7:30pm



Call to order


Review & approval of May 7, 2020, BASC General Membership Meeting minutes.


Officers Reports

Jason Dobbins, 1st Vice President

Kevin Lemaster, 2nd Vice President

Matt Yeager, 3rd Vice President

David Redick, Registrar

Ryan Egan, Games Commissioner

Rick Heineman, Interium Head Coach,

Bill Harn, Area Referee

Marcial Carrillo, Treasurer

Hayley Wheeler, Secretary

Ben Newby, President


Old Business

  • Financial Request Update

New Business

  • Per the BASC bylaws, the following candidates’ names were submitted 10 days prior to the general membership meeting.
  • Election of BASC Secretary
  • Hayley Wheeler is a candidate for this position
  • Election of BASC 3rd Vice-President
  • Matt Yeager is a candidate for this position
  • Form a nominating committee for the November elections of the following board positions: Registrar, Head Coach, Games Commissioner, and Treasurer



time and location


All meetings are in the BASC Banquet room, 1001 South Main Street at 7:30pm.


September Election Position duties


Third Vice-President
The Third Vice-President shall be responsible for coordinating the care of the club practice fields and the scheduling of practice fields for the Recreational Teams. The Third Vice-President will also be responsible for the acquisition of practice sites for BASC Club use.

The Secretary shall (a) record and maintain the minutes of the BASC, (b) give notice of meetings, and (c) publish and mail (or otherwise deliver) to the membership newsletters of the Club.


November Election Details


Future Elections


At the November 5, 2020 General Membership Meeting the following board positions will be elected. Please email the Nominating Chairman, Randy Hubbard if you would like to run for any of the 4 positions below. The deadline to submit a nomination is close of business on October 26, 2020.



The Treasurer shall (a) receive, disburse, and account for all the funds of the BASC, which shall be kept in a bank or banks designated by the Executive Board of the BASC, (b) prepare a financial statement for presentation to the Executive Board and membership at each of their regularly scheduled meetings, and (c) prepare such other tax or financial reports as may from time-to-time be required.



The Registrar shall serve as the Chairman of the Registration Committee and is charged with the responsibility of fulfilling the requirements of OSA and the BASC in registering individual players and assigning such players to teams.


Head Coach

The Head Coach (sometimes referred to herein as the Club Head Coach) shall have the responsibility of recruiting, training, and registering all BASC coaches and shall represent these coaches at meetings.


Games Commissioner
The Games Commissioner will oversee the Games Scheduler position (if not one and the same) and shall have the responsibility of (a) forming schedules of games to be played each season, (b) forming leagues where necessary for purposes of keeping games competitive, (c) assigning fields for play, (d) serving as Chairman of the Appeals and Disciplinary Committee, and (e) maintaining league standings during the season. 



Upcoming General Membership Meeting Dates


Upcoming General Membership Meeting Dates

September 3, 2020
November 5, 2020
March 4, 2021
May 6, 2021

All meetings are at 7:30pm.
The format (virtual or in person) will be announced closer to each meeting date)