Rec + Team Formation

Rec + Team Formation

Rec + Team Formation

BASC Recreational Plus Team Board Policy
Recreational Plus teams, hereby referred to as “Rec+” teams, may be formed for the purpose of
playing in the OSA Select League, or OSA Classic League, as may be desired by the coach and
team members. Players are eligible for inclusion on a Rec+ team so long as they meet the age
requirements of the team. Formation of Rec+ teams is not restricted by the team
formation/player placement criteria as stated above for Recreational teams. BASC Rec+ teams
will be formed each season in accordance with the following Policy

Rec+ Team Formation
 Rec+ teams participate in recreational soccer. Tryouts are strictly forbidden and all Rec+
players are afforded the same Players Right to Play as Recreational players (i.e. all players
must participate in at least 50% of the allotted game time each game).
 Rec+ team names shall include “+” after the team name.
 Submission to BASC of Rec+ teams must be applied for by the team’s Head Coach via
submission of a BASC Rec+ Roster Form to the BASC Registrar (the form is available on-line
or at the BASC office). Players will not be placed on Rec+ rosters without a completed player
detail and parent/guardian signature on file with the BASC Registrar. Requests for Playing
Up shall be accompanied by a completed Play Up Request Form and are subject to the same
conditions as Recreational players.

Head Coaches are responsible for submission of a newly completed Rec+ roster form to the
BASC Registrar each Fall season and submission of any roster changes each Spring season by
the close of the normal registration period.
 Recruiting of players for Rec+ teams shall be in strict compliance with the BASC Standing
Resolutions regarding such.
 Following the late registration period, players already registered and having current team
affiliation will not be permitted to be added to Rec+ team rosters (this is to prevent the late
“raiding” of recreation team rosters).
 Rec+ teams are permissible for U9 and older teams. Due to the fact that there is no place
other than BASC Closed Rec league for U6, U7 or U8 the formation of Rec+ teams in these
age groups could cause great disparity in competition with no option to remedy through
placement in higher divisions.
 BASC is not responsible for ensuring Rec+ team rosters are complete and correct. Players
not listed on the submitted form(s) will be released from the team roster.

Submission of Rec+ rosters to BASC following the OSA team submission deadline may incur
a penalty payable by the team.
 Recreational teams choosing to register as a Rec+ team for the spring season must place all
players returning from the Fall team roster onto the new Rec+ team; unless a player’s
parent or guardian requests placement on another Recreational team.
 Players may be added to a Rec+ roster in the Spring or Fall so long as the BASC maximum
number of players for the applicable age class is not exceeded.
 Top tier Rec+ teams may apply for inclusion in the OSA Classic League (competitive).
Approval of such applications will be the sole responsibility/authority of OSA. The
applicable OSA form must be submitted to the BASC Registrar prior to the OSA deadline.

Players per Recreational Plus Team Roster
The following number of players per team; by age class are described as follows:

Players Per Rec + Team Roster/Competition Format by Age Class:

Age Class             Minimum              Preferred             BASC Max.        OSA Max.            Format

    U9/U10                    7                          10                           11                      12                      7v7

    U11/U12                  9                          12                          14                       16                     9v9

    U13/U14                 11                         15                           18                      18                    11v11

    U15/U19                  11                          15                          22*                     22*                   11v11


* Only 18 players may dress per game