Build Our Future BA GO BOND

Build Our Future BA GO BOND

Broken Arrow Soccer Club encourages all members to get out and vote on AUGUST 28th for the upcoming BA GO BOND! 

There are lots of exciting things to vote on which will improve our wonderful City.  One of these items is in Proposition 3: Parks & Recreation, which has a project proposed at Indian Springs Sports Complex with four (4) artificial turf fields on the west side of the complex!

Broken Arrow has a long history of considering General Obligation bonds to support public improvements. A great deal of work has gone into preparing this upcoming bond package for Broken Arrow citizens. 

At a special meeting on June 6, the City Council approved a Special Election Proclamation and Notice calling for a vote of Broken Arrow residents to decide on six propositions. The complete package totals approximately $210 million:

  • Proposition 1: Transportation 
    • $142.625 million
  • Proposition 2: Public Safety 
    • $20.35 million
  • Proposition 3: Parks and Recreation 
    • $17.75 million
  • Proposition 4: Public Facilities 
    • $16.8 million
  • Proposition 5: Stormwater 
    • $7.5 million 
  • Proposition 6: Drainage**
    • $5.5 million

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