BASC Volunteers Needed!

If you want to ensure your child has a great soccer experience there is no better way than to get involved and make it happen!

Current Volunteer Needs:

Rooster Day Parade:  BASC will be marching in the Broken Arrow Rooster Day Parade on Saturday May 12th 10AM.  The club needs volunteers to help build a float and other promotional materials.  A meeting will be held Monday 3/24 6PM at the BASC office - please attend if you can help out.  We also need players and coaches to march with us in the parade.  For further info email to:

Spring Tournament: BASC will be hosting our spring tournament April 24-26th.  Volunteers are needed for help with team check-in, activity supervision, awards presentations, food support, field marshals, referee transportation, etc.  If you can help email Scott Hamilton at:

Upcoming Board Positions: The Board positions of 1st VP, 2nd VP and Treasurer will be voted on at the May General Membership meeting.  Any persons interested in a Board position should contact Amy Armour via email to:


BASC is very proud of the service it provides our community. Our club has taken great strides over the past forty years to create a fun, safe and positive learning environment for our youth in a competitive atmosphere while promoting the game of soccer. This is especially impressive since the club leadership and coaches are all volunteers. These people do a great job and we truly applaud their continuing service to our children and community.  

However, in order for us to be fully successful we need your help!  Since all of our player participants and most of our coaches come from our PARENT pool we need the support and participation of everyone involved.  On a basic level we need all parents to be committed to compliance with our Parent and Player code of conduct.  Proper sidelines behavior not only heads off unecessary and emabarassing conflicts but also sets an example for our youth to follow on and off the field.  Secondly, as almost all of our coaches are also parents of active players we need the continued particiaption of as many parent/coach volunteers as possible.  Weather participating as a head coach, assistant, trainer or a manager by working to support our teams in training and supervision we can spread the load amongst each other and together provide a fun and exciting climate for our players.  Outside of team activities BASC also needs your help during tournaments and special events.  It takes alot of volunteer hours and cooperative efforts to make our events run smoothly and to encourage participants to return to BASC events in the future.  Lastly, the leadership of BASC comes directly from our membership.  Our Board members are all unpaid volunteers who donate their time and talents for a breif period.  As Board positions turn over annually the club is in constant need of new volunteers to take the reins for awhile and keep BASC moving in a positive direction.

Listed below are several volunteering opportunities where YOU can spend just a few hours a season or more depending on your capabilities to help our youth enjoy the beautiful game.  Please take a moment to review and let us know where you can help.

Assistant Coach/Trainer: Being an assistant coach or trainer can simply be someone who shags balls at practice or helps with bumps and bruises.  No formal training or soccer experience is necessary and your participation can be just one hour a week or as much as you want it to be.

Team Manager:  Older teams can be comprised of up to 22 players so the head coach needs someone to help manage communications, paperwork and tournaments.  Managers can be simply administrative helpers who help a coach stay organized or you can take a more active role and handle tournament entries, fundraisers, players passes, etc.

Head Coach:  Coaches are the heart and sould of our club.  They have the most contact with players and are the role models our youth looks up to.  No soccer experience is necessary especially at the younger age levels and the club provides several avenues of support for our coaches.  Formal training courses are offered by our state soccer association and fees are reimbursed by the club.  Also, our network of experienced coaches are available anytime to help out.  New initiatives in cooperative training with our competive partner TSC Hurricane will offer even more support for our most valuable assest. For U6 to U8 ages the time commitment is only a few hours per week so getting started is easy.  And besides you can coach your own child's team - what an opportunity to share your time with family!

Event Volunteer: BASC generates a significant amount of revenue by hosting tournaments at Indian Springs.  While our 1st VP organizes the event we always are in need of volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Field Marshals help make sure our games are safe and properly controlled while other volunteers help with staff food, entertainment, team check-in, referee transportation, etc.  BASC also participates in community events such as parades, soccer fun days and registration promos that require the cooperative efforts of many volunteers.  Your help in any of the special events can vary from just an hour or two to taking a leadership role in organizing and staffing.  Every little bit helps!

BASC Excutive Board:  BASC's leadership is comprised of a ten person Board of Directors who meet monthly to provide the club direction and management.  Being a BASC Board member can be especially rewarding as shaping the future of our club and ensuring that safe and fun soccer environment is available to our community is critically important to the future of our youth and the sport of soccer in Oklahoma.

We hope that you take the time to consider volunteering with BASC.  Even a small amount of effort spread out over a season can make a difference in supporting a playerr, team or the club in general.  And the best part is you will be rewarded with a the smiles and laughter of our youth as they experience the wonderful sport of soccer!

If you want to volunteer just let us to you child's coach, ask a Board member, call the office or drop us an email.  We are looking forward to your helping hands!

BASC office: 918-258-5770 or email to:

Current Volunteer Needs:

Labor Day Tournament: BASC will be hosting our Labor Day Tournament Aug 29th - 31st.  Volunteers are needed for help with team check-in, activity supervision, awards presentations, food support, field marshals, referee transportation, etc.  If you can help email Scott Hamilton at:

Upcoming Board Positions: The Board positions of 3rd VP, Secretary, Registrar, Head Coach, Games Commissioner and Area Referee will be voted on at the November General Membership meeting.  Any persons interested in a Board position should contact the office at: