BASC Team Opportunity at BA High School!

Come be a part of BA High School Soccer!

BA High School Soccer is looking to start a new opportunity for our area future lady soccer stars by allowing them to walk out hand in hand with the Varsity Girls during the starting line up at home games.  Players that come to the BA High School match and wear their BASC team uniform will be able to get in free and be paired up with either one of our varsity players or players from the opposing team.  Future ideas include: half-time friendlies and soccer camps put on by the coaching staff and BA High School soccer players.  This is an exciting way to support your High School soccer teams and witness some exciting soccer!  We look forward to seeing you at the pitch!

If you would like to know more, contact Al Beall at:

Home games - March 7, 11, 13, April 1, 15, 18 & 24.  All games are 6 PM.