BASC Executive Board Elections

This November 7 th , BASC will be electing persons into the following Board positions.  Any adult BASC member is eligible to run for office. You are a member of BASC if you are a player, a parent/guardian of a child playing for a BASC team, a coach of a BASC team, a registered referee with BASC who has had his/her registration fees reimbursed by BASC, or you happen to be a Member Emeritus for the club. 

Third Vice-President 
The Third Vice-President shall be responsible for coordinating the care of the club practice fields and the scheduling of practice fields for the Recreational Teams. 
The Third Vice- President will also be responsible for the acquisition of practice sites for BASC Club use. 
The Secretary shall (a) record and maintain the minutes of the BASC, (b) give notice of meetings, and (c) publish and mail (or otherwise deliver) to the membership newsletters of the Club. 
The Registrar shall serve as the Chairman of the Registration Committee and is charged with the responsibility of fulfilling the requirements of the GCSA and the BASC in registering individual players and assigning such players to teams. 
Head Coach 
The Head Coach (sometimes referred to herein as the Club Head Coach) shall have the responsibility of recruiting, training, and registering all coaches with the exception of Competitive coaches and shall represent these coaches at meetings. 
Games Commissioner 
The Games Commissioner shall have the responsibility of (a) forming schedules of games to be played each season, (b) forming leagues where necessary for purposes of keeping games competitive, (c) assigning fields for play, (d) serving as Chairman of the Appeals and Disciplinary, and (e) maintaining League Standings during the season. 
Area Referee 
The Area Referee shall have the responsibility of recruiting, training and registering all referees in the BASC Referee Unit and shall represent all referees in meetings. The Area Referee shall oversee and work with the BASC Referee Assignor to insure referee advancement (if not one and the same). 
If you are interested in running for one of the above positions, please contact the BASC office:   Per our Bylaws, the final list of nominees will be sent out to the membership at least one week prior to the Nov. 7 th meeting. 
Thank you, 
Nominating Committee, 
Broken Arrow Soccer Club