BASC & Soccer City 11th Annual Spring Tournament


April 24th, 25th, & 26th


Primary Tournament Contact

Tournament Director, Randy Atherton:

Tournament Hotline:  918-258-5778

Team Registration - Deadline is April 10th, 2015

Register Here

*All requests made during registration must be sent to the tournament director.  

Tournament Rules & Guest Player Information

Tournament Rules

Team Check in Requirements 

Sanctioning Document

Guest Player Information

Tournament Hotline: 918-258-5778

Guest players are allowed:  You may roster 1 Guest player in U6, U7 & U8, 2 guest are allowed in U9 & U10 and 3 guest are allowed in U11 through U19 age groups.  However you may not register more players than the age group roster limit allows.  Guest players must be age appropriate for that age group.  Competitive players may not guest play on Recreational Teams.

Please note that BASC will not accept teams until at least three teams in the age group have registered.  Credit cards will not be charged until the team is accepted.  Refunds are not provided once a team is accepted.

If you need hotel reservations please click here for special tournament discounted hotel rates.

Rec Registration Fees/Game Format
Age Group Entry Fee Format
U6 $150 3v3 Festival
U7/8 $200 4v4
U9/10 $275 6v6
U12 $325 8v8
U14 $385 11v11
U16/19 $425 11v11



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Applied/Accepted Teams

Applied Teams

Accepted Teams

Schedules, Scoring and Standings

Scheduling & Scoring Information

Sign up to send scores to cell phone or email

Team Check In Requirements

If a major change to your schedule is made you will receive an email notice - but please check back regularly for updates.

Note: BASC does not post paper schedules or results - please use the on-line schedule link.  A digital score board will be available at the HQ building with scrolling results and schedules.

Scoring will be posted as soon as possible following official review of games forms submitted by the referee to tournament staff.

Standings and playoff assignments will be automatically populated as pool play is completed and scored.  Please check the schedule webpage for updates regularly.

Tournament Hotline:  918-258-5778


  • For U6 to U8 Competitions: The home team sidelines location will be the East or North side of the field and the visiting team will be located on theWest or South side of the field.  The home team is listed first on the pairings in the qualifying rounds, and is the team on top in the brackets for the quarter/semi-final and final rounds.  Each team and its spectators will remain on its designated side of the field throughout the match.
  • For U9 to U19 Competitions: The teams shall be seated on the side of the field having technical area markings. Spectators shall be seated on the opposite side of the field from team (where bleachers are located - as available) and must remain behind the painted standoff line. Signs will be posted at each field.  Coaches are required to remain within their respective technical areas unless invited onto the field of play by the official.

ALL HEAD COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL BEHAVIOR, THAT OF THEIR TEAM’S STAFF AND PLAYERS AND THAT OF THEIR SPECTATORS. Referee abuse (by coaches, players or spectators) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and head coaches can and will be sent off.  Coaches/Players sent off will be required to sit out the next scheduled match (semi and final matches included). 

Complex and Field Info

The tournament is held at the Indian Springs Sports Complex in Broken Arrow.

Address: 13600 South 145th East Ave. (Aspen Ave.), Broken Arrow, OK 74011

The complex has over 30 fields (fields 1-22 are located on the east side of Aspen Ave, fields 23-25 are directly west of Aspen Ave and fields 26-34 are located west of Aspen Ave at the west end of the complex.

Concessions and restrooms are located on both the east and west side of the complex and directly south of fields 23-25 near the softball fields.

The BASC Headquaters buidling (team and field marshal check in) is located on the east side directly east of field #1.

ISSC Complex Map,

Broken Arrow Area Map

Inclement Weather Procedure