ACT-SAT Alliance Program

eKnowledge Corporation Alliance Program

This SAT/ACT PowerPrep software is available to all Soccer members and their families. There is a $19.99 charge per program (DVD) for the materials, processing, licensing and customer service and a $3.71 charge for the shipping and handling. If you prefer the Cloud internet version it is 19.99 per program for streaming. The donation is for the Standard SAT and Standard ACT Programs. These are the programs that are normally 199.99-249.99 on our website. The software is licensed for one year from the date that is ships out to you. At the end of the year, you can renew or upgrade the software at that time for the same donation price. To order, please visit the following website:   

1. Click on Order Donated Program now.

2. Select the program(s) you wish to order. (Be sure to click on the quantity and then the “ADD TO CART” button, before checking out)

3. Continue following the prompts until you have reached the payment and shipping & handling page. (There is a $19.99 charge per program for the materials and $3.71 for shipping or $19.99 for streaming.)

4. After the ordering process, please click “Continue” to the comments screen, and verify how you learned of the eKnowledge/ NFL SAT/ACT donation program.  If you would like to write a note of thanks to the NFL players, eKnowledge Corporation will gladly forward your comments.