4 Year Old Program Soccer Guidelines

Guidelines for the 4 Year Old Program


Spring Soccer Requirements:  Must be 4 by January 31st to play

Fall Soccer Requirements:  Must be 4 by July 31st to play.


Cost:  $85  

Uniform:  Each player will receive a club t-shirt and a participation award.

Sessions:  Saturday afternoon

Purpose:  To provide an introduction to soccer for the young players and parents.  The player is the focus; team concepts and team results are not important.  Instructions will focus on simple ball mastery which include ball control, dribbling, basic body movements while having fun without stress.

Director:   This position requires a State D or a State Youth license and is selected by the BASC Executive Board.  The Director requires at least 4 volunteers, if two sessions, to assist in training sessions.  This will allow for a rotation of assistants and flexiable schedule. The director will encourage involvement of parents for a one on one with child.

U5 Academy Style Format:  

1) Players are broken into large groups based on neighborhood/school for purpose of practice sessions.

2) Players in groups will practice at the same time

3) Each practice session is divided into groups of 24 - 32 players.

4) Director will supervise the practice session once per week.  He will meet with the volunteer assistants prior to the session to communicate the training sessions.

5) Training session are divided into group activity for approximately 30 minutes.  Players will then be divided and play 3V3.  The session is limited to 60 minutes.  Playes will alternate teams each week.

6) One parent or adult must participate during each training session.

Questions?  Contact the 4 Year Old Program Director, Geron McGinnis